About Julia

About Julia

Julia Royston is an author, publishing and motivational speaker born and raised in Louisville, KY.   Julia is the oldest of 3 daughters in a Christian family and is married to Mr. Brian K. Royston.   Julia earned a B.A. in Accounting, two Masters Degrees in Information Science and a doctorate in Religious Education from Bellarmine University, University of Kentucky, Spalding University and Grace Bible College, Niles, OH, respectively.  Julia is a public elementary school Computer Technology Teacher/Media Specialist by profession.

Julia has appeared on The Bobby Jones Presents New Artist Showcase and ministered with notables such as Bishop Jackie E. McCullough, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Tudor Bismarck, Myron Williams and Bishop Richard “Mr. Clean” White.  In December 2004 and 2005, Julia toured Switzerland with the Voices of Gospel Concert Series of St. Stephens Baptist Church.


In 2002, Julia established For the Kingdom Ministries with the mission to “Build God’s People to Build the Kingdom of God” through education, empowerment and encouragement through inspirational music, high quality materials and messages of hope.  For more information about For the Kingdom Ministries, visit http://www.juliaroyston.net/for-the-kingdom-ministries/


Julia has been singing since eight years of age and to date has recorded several music projects including, “Joy in His Presence”, “A New Season in Word and Song”, “Hymns for Him”, “For Your Glory Lord”, Begin Again and in the Fall of 2019 is set to release her first Christmas EP project, “Christmas Miracle.”


In 2008, BK Royston Publishing Company was established and released its first book titled, “All New Season in Word.”  To date Julia Royston has written 50 books, to purchase them visit http://bit.ly/juliaroystononamazon and published more than 100 authors (click here to Meet the Authors of BK Royston Publishing) 150+ books and coach more than 100 authors to write, publish and promote their books.  For more information about BK Royston Publishing, visit http://bkroystonpublishing.com or visit http://www.amazon.com or http://www.barnesandnoble.com


In 2015, a second publishing company, Royal Media Publishing was established to provide an outlet for the authors with mainstream topics for a global audience.  Royal Media Publishing is committed to publishing high quality manuscripts to bring to the forefront issues that touch every walk of society. For more information about Royal Media and Publishing, visit http://www.royalmediaandpublishing.com.

In 2018, Julia established Royston Book Fairs for children’s books for schools and other non-profit organization as a means for exposing great children’s literature to new audiences and as a fundraiser for these same institutions.   For Book Fair information, visit http://www.bkroystonpublishing.com/bookfairs and for authors to register go to http://bit.ly/bookfestvendor.

Additionally, the Royston Book Festivals in Malls and other Organizations for books for all ages for authors to meet readers directly and with “traffic already in place” due to the lack of book stores, the Festivals have been held in Louisville, KY, Dallas, TX, Nashville, TN and the next stops are Hopkinsville, KY and Charlotte, NC as well Holiday BookFestival in November at Jefferson Mall in Louisville, KY.  For more information on Book Festivals, visit http://www.bkroystonpublishing.com/bookfestivals

Currently, Julia Royston posts a daily motivational video via Instagram and Facebook the “Message Motivator.”  Due to the demand of authors for next level exposure to their books and opportunity for marketing and promotion, the Book Business Bosses has been established.  For more information about the Book Business Bosses, visit http://bit.ly/bookbusinessboss

The year 2019 marks 11 years that BK Royston Publishing has been in business.  Julia Royston continues to travel the country speaking, singing, empowering and inspiring people around the world to write, publish their books and to live the abundant life that is their Purpose and Destiny.


Keep up with Julia on Social Media by following or liking her pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Periscope and Pinterest.


Click on the images below for Julia Royston’s Media Kit and Speaker Sheet







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