2021 Preparation: Body, Mind and Business

The year 2020 was some kind of year. We were stuck in the house for weeks not knowing what was to happen next. I don’t know about you but I never experienced a lock down of an entire world before. As an educator, I have done lock downs with my students against the possibility of an intruder and once we had an actual intruder in one my schools unbeknownst to the city.  The physical person was handled but what do you do with an invisible intruder? How do you prepare for something that you know nothing about and the experts keep changing the information while the death toll rises? It was scary then and is still scary now but what do we do, get in the bed, cover our head and never do life again? Not on my watch. I fight with my friends to give you the information, encouragement, strategies and resources to keep going in spite of the fear, the uncertainty and the unknown.

On Monday, each of our speakers will give you strategies, tools and information to help you prepare for what we don’t even know yet. 

What Foods Should You Be Eating More of to Better Your Immune System?

How to Safe Guard Your Money?

How to Get Moving In Your Own Home?

What is the Mindset Needed for Business and for Life?

Have you Had Your Technology Checkup Lately?

New Faces, New Places – Are You Media Ready?

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