About Brian

About Brian

A-126Brian K. Royston is a twin and the second son born to Rev. Claude R.  and Mrs. Lillie Royston in Indianapolis, IN.  At the age of 9, Brian’s father, Rev. Royston moved the family to Louisville to attend Southern Baptist Seminary.  After Seminary, Rev. Royston became the assistant pastor and then the Senior Pastor of Greater Salem Baptist Church, Louisville, KY.  Thus, Brian and his brothers would become Kentuckians.  Brian graduated from Male High School and received an Associates Degree in Information Technology from Watterson College.

For 31 years, Brian was employed with United Parcel Service (UPS) in the Information Technology Department and retired as a IT Systems Programming Associate in 2019.

In 2006, Brian wed Julia and his life truly has not been the same.  He became the covering for Julia and the For the Kingdom Ministries.  Together they oversee the operations of “For the Kingdom Ministries”, “BK Royston Publishing” and “JuJu4ee Music Publishing, Inc.”  For the Kingdom Ministries ministers to people around the globe through the word, worship and workshops since 2002.  Julia and Brian travel the country ministering in churches, outside venues, conferences, prison and globally through social media.  The mission is “Building People to Build the Kingdom”.  “JuJu4ee Publishing” is the publisher of the original music works of Julia A. Royston.  If you would like to record any of Julia’s music, email her at roystonjulia@gmail.com or call 502-802-5385.

In 2007, “BK Royston Publishing” was birthed to publish the books of Julia A. Royston.  In 2010, BK Royston Publishing Company has begun offering full-service publishing services including editing and coaching for new authors.  BK Royston Publishing, Inc. sponsors “Write that Book Now” writing workshops for other aspiring authors.  To inquire and/or get a cost quote from BK Royston Publishing, Inc., schedule an appointment at http://www.talkwithroyston.com or email us at bkroystonpublishing@gmail.com.

Brian Royston is the CIO, of all of the businesses and oversees all information technology needs .  Brian’s expertise is maintaining and establishing the infrastructure to expand the support systems for “For the Kingdom Ministries, JuJu4ee Publishing, BK Royston Publishing and Royal Media and Publishing.’  Brian truly is the wind beneath Julia’s wings, the support beam that enables the businesses and ministry to grow and the spiritual covering to sustain the anointing and power to change other people’s lives.

In 2019, all of the organizations of Julia and Brian Royston, congratulate him on 31 years of service and retirement from UPS.  Excellence and committment on so many levels.  In 2020, Brian Royston Enterprises, LLC was establish for technology and business consulting.

For more information regarding the services of Brian Royston Enterprises, email him at brianroyston@gmail.com or call 5025521643.

We bless God for all that you do to propel us higher and higher.


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