What Are You Really Waiting On?











Delayed is not denied but if you never acted in the first place, it is not a delay but a didn’t.  You didn’t launch.  You didn’t start.  You didn’t even make a mistake because you didn’t start.  So, you have to ask yourself and I ask myself, what am I waiting on?  Why have I stopped myself?  Is it really the fear of failure or the terrorizing fear that you will be a flat out, no one can dispute, a huge SUCCESS.  To some people, success is more scary than failure.  But what if you do put in the work, create something that alot of people want, they buy it and then you are successful?  Is that so bad?  You do have to be prepared for success.  You do have to prepare you mind, body and soul for succeeding but you can’t succeed or fail if you don’t launch.

So now it is left up to you to decide if you are going launch or just keep waiting.  It is a decision that is left up to you.  I’m here for you when you are ready to write that book.  I’m ready to help you get products for your business but you have to schedule an appointment at http://www.talkwithroyston.com and let’s start.  Don’t wait another minute.  Make the appointment and let’s begin.

P. S.  Class has begun but you can catch up.  Register at http://www.bkroystonpublishing.com/classes


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