BK Royston Foundation

The BK Royston Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) Income tax exempt organization and available to accept donations under IRC Code 170.  BK Royston Foundation Inc. was established with the mission to provide scholarships for those with a compelling and riveting story to tell but unable to meet the financial obligations of the publishing process.  Secondly, there are schools that are designated Title 1 and/or low-income schools that would benefit from diverse books, information and workshops but they are unable to pay for the books because of budget constraints and finally, individual children that are apart of under served populations can receive books and/or literary information to benefit our committment to lifelong learning.  BK Royston Foundation is also wanting to provide book bags, free of charge to qualifying schools and individuals as well as partner with other non-profit organizations that service this same population and do not receive other large funding to support books and/or want to have an even larger campaign for books to be distributed.

1 year BK Royston Foundation

For more information and/or to partner with BK Royston Foundation, send an email to bkroystonfoundation@bkroystonfoundation.org with a detailed letter of your request.

For those interested in applying for Scholarships via BK Royston Foundation, click here to be added to our mailing list and receive notication after September 1, 2020 of when the application and the requirements for submission are due.