New Level..

New Level

There was a church that I attended once that played a song by an artist I didn’t know but it was titled, “New Level.”  The hook at the end was, “I’m going higher, I’m going higher in you.”  I receive that and believe that but also know now more of what it takes to actually do, be and walk in that New Level.  At my home church they used to say, new levels bring new devils.  Well, right now I’m not worried about the devils as much as I’m worried about me.  Am I ready?  What is it going to cost me to be on this new level?  What additional changes will I need to make at this new level?  This is the most disturbing thing for me, is that the more I work, pray and plan, the more I believe and see I will win!  My question is, “Lord can I handle winning?”  Now that is another post but for now, know that you are on a new level of everything.  Why?  We are changing every single day.  It may not look like you are going higher but you are.  It’s like those hills or slight inclines that you are walking on and you don’t realize how high you are until you stop and look around you.  Stop and take a look around you.  Where are you now compared to a year, two or ten years ago?  Who do you know now that you didn’t know in that same amount of time?  New Level.  Now I ask you.  Are you ready for YOUR New Level?  Let’s go!



Next Steps, get the tools you need to succeed.


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