I’m Back – Jump into June!

Jump into June!

We’re not quite half of the way done with this year yet but almost there.  As a sports fan, getting to half time with the lead is great but you’ve got to finish the second quarter strong to get or keep that lead going into half time.  Why?  Because you want to go hard for your dreams, goals and purpose in June so that you can build and keep that momentum going into the rest of the year.  There is still a lot of year still left to go and live.  There is still time for you to start and finish those things from January that you put on your vision board, resolution list and those secret dreams that you’ve told no one.

Start where you start – What haven’t you started?  What have you started and not finished?  That’s where you start.  Go back to the beginning of what you wanted to start and start.

If you started and stopped, why? – What happened?  Did life happen or did you happen to your life?  You stopped because you were tired, bored or no longer interested?  Know the things that hinder or distract your progress.  Why?  Because it will happen again and you need to be ready for it.

What do you need to finish and complete the project? – Is it money?  Is it people?  Is it an opportunity?  Is it you?  Write it down and pick up the phone.  We call people or search on the Internet for anything else we want to know about, do it for your dream.  Jump in with both feet, hands and heart this June to the life and goals you want to achieve for yourself.  Time is not waiting and it’s almost half time.  Let’s go!

Jumping Julia

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