Half Year in Review

I have stated many times that I am a planner by nature so this being June, it’s time to review, re-evaluate and refocus on the second half of the year and beyond.  I realize that where I started in January and where I am now are two different places.  In January you are excited, optimistic and hopeful about the upcoming year.  By June, you are a little tired, the excitement is now driven by need and you are almost desperate rather than hopeful that your plans will be fulfilled.  Life happens but vision, dreams and purpose must remain the driving force behind what you do and how you do it.

So what have you gotten accomplished in the first part of the year?  For me, a lot.  I have learned so many lessons and information that it will propel me throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

Secondly, what will be different in July – December?  My outlook and my awareness of how I want to present myself and my businesses throughout the rest of the year is of the utmost importance.  Expansion and growth are tricky stages of business and life.  I have realized these first 6 months that my name, my reputation and who I am connected to is so important now more than ever.

So finally, three things that I am doing the remainder of this month leading into the next month

  1.  Make decisions making more carefully.
  2. Launch new products and services more effectively.
  3. Be slow with new partnerships, relationships and joint ventures

I trust that June is jumping in your life but you will utilize these tips to have a relaxing June but a refocused June as well.  Let’s go!  What’s coming next for me?


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