Is this the BIG One Elizabeth?

Is it the big one, Elizabeth? Redd Fox made the phrase, “It’s the big one Elizabeth” famous on the Sanford and Son Television Show.  If there was some shocking news or unexpected turn of events, he grabbed his chest like he was having a heart attack while saying the phrase.  We all laughed.  Those that have had a heart attack know it’s not funny but, in another context, has anything attacked your heart lately?  I mean has anything gotten down in your spirit, set your soul on fire, got your body in motion and/or kept you up at night?  Has this big one caused you to develop a plan of action, do some research or make some phone calls?  Is it the big one?  Is this the big thing that you’ve really always seen yourself doing, having or being?  If not, it’s not the big one.  It’s a false alarm.  The prelude to the big one.  If it is really the big thing, the main thing and the dream thing for your life, you will do something.  I hear people say all of the time, I’ve always dreamed of doing or I really want to do or I would love to do or one day I’m gonna do…BUT, I can’t afford to do right now.  Well, even if it is not the right time for the big one, do you know all about it?  Do you read books, articles, visit websites, go to the library and do research about that dream, vision, call or loved big thing?  If not, that’s not it.  Stop talking about it.  I am convinced that people just like to hear themselves talk.  Because if there was something that you really loved, desired and wanted bad enough, you would do something to get it, learn about it or layaway for it.  Your actions will tell, not your mouth, if this really is the big one Elizabeth…


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