Take Nothing For Granted…





The recent events have left me on high alert in my own life.  I am now even more grateful, thankful and appreciative of things people do for me in my life.  I realize that I’m getting older, that life is getting shorter and my time is more valuable now than ever.  Not just in business but in personal relationships too.  How I spend my time that most precious thing that God gave us is more important now than ever before.  How do you spend your time?  What do you spend your time doing and who is in your presence while  you do what you do?  It makes a difference.  It will mean even more after you are gone off the scene into eternity.  Why?  Because that is all we have left of you after you are gone.  Not your plagues, degrees, money, cars or houses, it’s how we felt when we were in your presence.  That’s it.  Is there something that you should have done that you haven’t done?  Is there something that you should have said that you have said yet?  Do it now.  Do it quick.  Do it with your whole heart.  Take nothing for granted.


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