End of March Madness, Now for Plan B

At the beginning of the month of March, I had sports in mind. I just knew that I would be watching college sports all day, picking my team, rooting for the underdog and possibly disappointed by the outcome. But there are no live sports playing right now only replays, reruns and remember when. Who knew that in a manner of weeks, we would be home, by order of authorities and law and this would be our new normal. My husband hates that phrase but it’s true. Our lives may return to normal and I’m hopeful that it is soon but right now this is where we are. Safety first. No mass assembly. It is a real and serious situation that we find ourselves in. You know what’s going on but, what happens next? What will you do when some sense of normalcy returns? Business as usual? Same old, same old? Will this just be a bad dream or will you actually use this as a time to actually plan how to Live Your Best Life? That’s a decision that you have to make. I can’t make it for you. I will be honest and say that daily I pray, meditate, re-evaluate and keep active to not dip into deep despair about where we are now. But I am hopeful. Why? I choose to be. At the end of what is real March Madness, Who do I have? God, Me and Family. That’s who I choose. I pick us to get through this together. I also choose you, to encourage, empower and inspire to be your best self for YOU!
I wrote a book titled, “Plan B” that I was to release at an teacher entrepeneur event to help them create businesses to increase their income but to make sure that they are living the life they were born to live and not someone else’s. There is a mindset, motives and movements that have to change. You may have to reset your internal settings to the original manufacturer’s (GOD) intention for your life. Are you living Plan A or are you ready for Plan B? Plan B is to BE Your Best Self. The event was cancelled but I want to gift the book to anyone in this season who is striving to move and actually walk in their purpose in life. Put in the comments section, your email and “I Choose Me,” and I’ll gift the ebook directly to you.
Blessings, Peace and Safety.

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